Albion Aero Services Ltd

Hummel Ultracruiser SSDR

The modern, all metal single seat deregulated microlight.

With multiple build options to choose from and a choice of 4 stroke engines to use, the Hummel Ultracruiser is great choice for anyone whether you have building experience or are a novice.

Fly Henry Instruments

Compact, bright engine monitoring instruments for Paramotors, de regulated & microlight aircraft. 

Compatible with a wide range of engines and sensors, the Fly Henry range of instruments can be used in nearly all aircraft & engine configurations.

IFD EFIS Instruments

Compact, clear and powerful EFIS instruments for use in Microlight and non certified kit build aircraft. Available in 57mm or 80mm installation sizes, the IFD and MicroNET range of instruments will allow you to condense your analogue instruments and save weight.

Aviolights LED Lights

Lightweight, compact and bright, the Aviolights range of aircraft lights are built using bright CREE LEDs with the strobe controllers integrated into the light capsules, saving weight and reducing the complexity of installation.

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