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IFD-MicroNet EFIS Base

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IFD-microNET was designed to meet improved needs and requirements of basic and advanced modern aircraft. A high powerful computer system that over-samples all inertial and barometric data regardless of environment acceleration resolving attitude and movement information during normal or acrobatics maneuvers very accurately.
IFD-microNET incorporates a basic GOTO-ADF navigation system completed with more than 8000 POI like Air fields, airports and IFR and VFR waypoints over all European territory. IFD-microNET is available in two versions in order to better meet the needs of our customers:
 IFD microNET EFIS Base

 Standard 57mm diameter installation shape.
 Visibility up to 1000 cd/m².
 Low power consumption down to 2.3W (200mA @ 12Vdc).
 Ergonomic interface with three buttons.
 High integration level (all sensors embedded )*.
 Multi environment software with simple switch menu.
 Several functions in color/ graphic display:
o Artificial horizon.
o IAS.
o Altimeter with settable REF Pressure.
o VSI.
o 3D Magnetic compass.
o Slip indicator.
o Turn coordinator.
o GMeter with pick memories.
o GPS navigation in ADF mode.
o More than 8000 selectable POI in the internal Database.
 Units of measure are completely adjustable.

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