Hummel Ultracruiser SSDR


The UltraCruiser has a long history in the United States, with its first flight in 2000, and the first plans going on sale in 2001.

Intended for first-time builders and pilots, the UltraCruiser is an easy-to-build and fun aircraft to fly. With over 600 Hummel aircraft flying around the world, the design is proven to be safe and reliable, while also providing great fun.

The Riblett aerofoil used on the UltraCruiser ensures that it does not have any nasty stall characteristics, and due to its wide six foot stance and low centre of mass, ground handling is fantastic, even in crosswind conditions. Due to its low deck angle, the forward visibility is brilliant for a tail dragger. A nose wheel variant is available as an option if required.

The aircraft is all-metal with no composite components, so it can be parked outside safely. The design can be built from plans, quick build kit, or modular with a build time of approximately 1200 hours and 400-450 hours, respectively.

For plans build customers components are available for purchase, making it easier to speed up the build process.

A new lightning build option is available, where the airframe is built by the factory in USA. All you will need to do is install the engine and its associated components.


  • Detachable wings for easy storage or transportation
  • Very docile, easy to fly
  • Comfortable for long flights with 30 litre fuel tank
  • 6.5ft track & low CG for excellent ground handling
  • 2 engine options. 1/2 VW or V-Twin
  • Tri-cycle gear option
  • Canopy option
  • Wing Span 22.5 Ft
  • Length 16 Ft
  • Empty Weight 115-125 Kg
  • Gross Weight 260 Kg
  • Stall Speed 28-32 Mph
  • Cruise Speed 60-70 Mph
  • VNE Speed 95 Mph
  • Rate of Climb 500-1000 Ft/Min
  • Fuel Capacity (Approx) 30 Litres

The Build Options

Full Quick Build Kit

The quickest, easiest, and most preferred way to build an Ultracruiser. 

This includes everything needed, except basic shop tools, to assemble the aircraft. No additional manufacturing is needed for any part. This kit includes complete assembly manuals as well. Each manual contains step-by-step instructions with 3D images and guidance. 

Using the assembly manuals, the entire airframe can be assembled in roughly under 300 hours. Build time varies greatly by customer.

Modular Kits

Every section of the aircraft is split into 3 modules, allowing for separate purchase. This can save you time in the long term compared to the plan-only option and minimise space required to store the individual stages before construction. When building the aircraft please follow the module alphabetically.

Each module comes with an assembly manual, with detailed step-by-step 3D images and guidance. Every part included in the kit requires no additional manufacturing, being pre-cut, pre-drilled, and formed for ease of assembly.

Plans Build

This option takes the longest time to complete. You will need to source all the required materials to complete the aircraft.

During your build using plans, if you come to a stage that you do not feel comfortable doing or if you just want to save time, we are able to sell individual components to speed up the process. 

If you are considering this stage, we do recommend considering doing the modular route as you can build in stages whilst not requiring to manufacture all reqired parts.

Lightning Build Kit

Your time is worth money – save lots of time and money with the Ultracruiser Lightning Build Kit!

This Ultracruiser Lighting Build kit is delivered to you at roughly 90% complete. This means less time building, and more time flying! Enjoy the benefits of a quick build time and economical cost with this new way to start flying Hummel. Estimated build time when purchasing this kit is between 75 and 100 hours for first time builders. 

The Lightning Build Kit includes simple Instruments, Push Tube Controls, Prince ETip propeller, Spinner, Seat Cushion & Belts, and Disc Brakes. This kit is in the traditional (taildragger) configuration with no canopy (available to purchase seperately). For a more detailed description of factory completed systems, please see below. 

Engine is not included, and must be purchased by the builder.

Aircraft Assembly

Factory Completion

Builders Responsibility


90% Complete

Install provided fuel tank system and tank cover

Centre Wing

100% Complete


Outer Wings

100% Complete

Attach wings to centre section & install gap seal

Landing Gear

100% Complete


Instrument Panel

90% Complete

Connect to Engine

Tail Section

95% Complete

Attach control rod to Elevator and Rudder

Flight Controls

95% Complete

Attach Ailerons

Firewall Forward

20% Complete

Install Engine, attach Gascolator, Fuel Lines, etc.

Builder must purchase Engine separately.

Seatbelt & Cushions

100% Complete


Final Assembly

Complete final assembly by connecting wings, tail components, engine, engine controls, prop, and spinner.

Engine Options

There are two engine options available to be used in the Ultracruiser. These are the Hummel 1/2 VW engine and the Clarus V-Twin engine. They are both 4 stroke engines with independent oil systems so there is no need to mix oil into fuel like you do with a 2 stroke engine.

Hummel 1/2 VW Engine (45 Hp)

The Hummel 1/2 VW engine was the engine that was designed to be used with the Ultracruiser. Made from converting a VW air cooled engine, the engine gets new aluminium cylinders, the bore and stroke are increased to a larger diameter and as comes with single magneto ignition. As standard to start the engine you are required to hand prop the engine. A starter motor is available and will fit into an Ultracruiser without any modifications.

Fuel burn is approximately 9 L/H

Options available are: Dual ignition (mag & electronic) and a starter motor.

Clarus V-Twin (Approx 40 Hp)

The Clarus V-Twin engine is the newest option for the Ultracruiser. Designed in 2021, the V-Twin engine is built in house by the Hummel Aircraft Company.

Starting off as a new 670cc predator engine, Hummel add new billet connecting rods with automotive bearings, add a lightweight aluminium flywheel for an electric starter motor, new chromoly push rods, spin on oil filter, heavy duty valve springs and a custom carburettor designed for the Ultracruiser.

A 1.78:1 reduction drive spins a 3 blade E prop. 

The engine has not been dyno tested, but figures from flight testing estimated the engine puts out approximately 40 Hp which is more than enough power for the Ultracruiser.

Fuel burn is approximately 7 L/H

Ultracruiser Additional Options


You are able to fly with the canopy on or off depending on your preference and the weather conditions. With the large windshield, flying with the canopy off is still comfortable and enjoyable.

Engine Options

There are two engine options for the Ultracruiser.

  • Hummel 1/2 VW 45HP engine
  • Clarus V-Twin engine.

More information can be found above.


The Ultracruiser comes in either a tailwheel configuration or a tri-cycle configuration.

Sprung main gear suspension is also available as an added option.


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