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  1. 80mm (3’’ 1/8) standard diameter installation shape
  2. Adjustable brightest screen ever, sunlight visible, up to 1200 cd/m².
  3. Special Release under request to reach up to 2000 cd/m².
  4. Low power consumption down to 3.5W (300mA @ 12Vdc).
  5. Ergonomic interface with double aeronautical rotary knob and switch
  6. High integration level (totally embedded sensors) *
  7. Multi-environment software with simple switch menu
  8. Several functions in colour/ graphic display:
  • Artificial horizon
  • IAS and TAS indication
  • Airspeed trend vector
  • Rotation, stall and max efficiency speeds indication
  • Altimeter with settable Reference Pressure
  • Vertical speed indicator
  • 3D Magnetic compass
  • Slip indicator
  • Turn coordinator
  • G-Meter with peak recording
  • GPS Altitude
  • Wind vector with wind speed estimation


  1. Main power 10 – 30Vdc 0.8A max with internal filter and peak transient protection.
  2. Functional temperature range -10°C to 70°C 90% Rh no condensation status.
  3. 85.4mm x 89mm x 67.5mm (width, height, depth).
  4. 3 x 1/8 NPT AOA, Pitot and Static pneumatic inlets.
  5. SMA female connector for GPS passive or active antenna.
  6. Standard 9 SUB-D female connector for power and BUS connection.
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