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FLY Meter

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  • Calculation of remaining flight time based on fuel level
  • Reset of all timers
  • Option to set initial time of the main timer
  • Option to lock, reset and set main timer with a 4-digit code
  • Fuel flow alarm (to indicate a fuel leak)
  • RPM alarm
  • Oil and fuel pressure alarm – min. and max limits
  • Oil and water sensor – 2x preset, 1x programmable sensor
  • New oil and fuel pressure sensor – 2 new designs

Measurement device – Fly Henry is designed for microlight aircraft. It can be installed in any location where the engine is far from the dashboard. The device is designed in a way which does not require long lengths wiring of for all the sensors.The device consists of 2 modules:
Measurement module: Placed close to the engine where all sensors connect to it.
Visualization module: It is placed right in front of the pilot’s visual field.
Data cable with an arbitrary length connects these 2 modules.


– 4x temperature 0-1000°C – CHT or EGT – switchable display between °C and °F

– 1x temperature 0-125°C – oil, water, etc., switchable between °C and °F

– 1x oil or fuel pressure measurement

– RPM meter

– 4x engine hours

– Service interval setting

– Fuel gauge – fuel level in the tank

– Fuel flow meter – actual and average consumption, total fuel consumed

– Calculation of flight time based on fuel quantity

– Measurement of on-board voltage

– Alarms – temperature, oil or fuel pressure min. and max., fuel level ,

on-board voltage min. and max., max RPM, max fuel flow

– Display contrast and backlight adjustment


Input Voltage: 7-20V

Visualization module

Dimensions of the front panel: 98 x 64 mm

Dimensions of the aperture in the panel: 93 x 59 mm

Weight: 150g

Measurement module

Base dimensions: 124 x 40 x 20 mm

Weight: 100g

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