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PPG Meter

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  • Flight time calculation according to fuel level
  • All timers reset
  • Setting option initial time in total timer
  • Total timer
  • Fuel flow alarm (indicates a fuel leak)


– 2x temperature measurement in range 0-1000°C – CHT or EGT. Possibility to view the temperature in degrees of Celsius or Fahrenheit

– Revolution meter

– 4x moto hours

– Fuel gauge – measures level of fuel in the tank – litres or gallons

– Fuel consumption- immediate and average consumption, amount of consumed fuel – litres or gallons

– Measurement of the onboard voltage

– Alarms: overheating, oil and fuel under pressure, fuel level, onboard voltage drop, temperature, RPM, minimum and maximum voltage, voltage of battery, fuel flow

– Maximum temperature, revolutions, and fuel consumption

– Start monitoring system-securing engine start

– Regulation of brightness and contrast of the display


Input Voltage: 5-20 V

Dimensions of the visualization module: 60 x 37 x 15 mm

Dimensions of the measurement module: 60 x 28 x 11 mm

Weight: 100 g

Dimensions of the battery box: 63 x 48 x 15 mm

Weight: 70 g

Length of the data cable between the visualization and measurement module: 130 cm

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