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• Standard 80mm diameter installation shape
• Very bright screen, sunlight visible, up to 1000 cd/m².
• Low power consumption down to 2.3W (200mA @ 12Vdc).
• Ergonomic interface with rotary knob
• High integration level with all sensors embedded (NOTE: PLUS only)
• Multi-environment software with simple switch through single button press
• Several functions in color/ graphic display:
o Artificial horizon o Slip indicator
o Anemometer (IAS) o Turn coordinator
o Altimeter with settable REF Pressure o G-Meter with peak recording
o Variometer (VSI) o GPS navigation in ADF and HSI modes
o 3D Magnetic compass
o Moving map display with airspace, radio aids and VFR reporting points
o Direct navigation to more than 10000 POIs (navigation points) in the internal database
o Database coverage: Europe or USA
o Wind Vector
o Synthetic Vision with 3D terrain model and basic features (lakes, rivers, cities)

• Main power 10 – 30Vdc 200mA with internal filter and peak transient protection.
• Functional temperature range -20°C to 80°C 90% Rh no condensation status.
• 83 mm x 87 mm x 67 mm (width, height, depth), weight 500g
• 2 x 1/8 NPT Pitot and Static pneumatic connectors.
• SMA female connector for GPS passive antenna.
• Standard 9 SUB-D female connector for power and BUS connection.

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