New Products & Price Changes

Happy New Year to everyone.

As we begin a new year there are a few changes I have to make everyone aware of.

This year we hope to have the first Ultracruiser aircraft on its wheels and available to view for all our potential customers. It has been a long time coming, and this is due to us taking our time building the aircraft to ensure we know it inside out.

This way, we will be able to provide the best customer support that possible for any potential customers, customers in the build process and our customers who have finished building and are flying their wonderful machines.

New Ultracruiser Engine Option

More good news is that the 145HP 1/2 VW engine is no longer the only option for the Ultracruiser. 

Over the past couple of years, Hummel have been hard at work creating the Hummel V Twin engine for the Ultracruiser. This engine is installed using the same mounting system that the 1/2 VW engine uses but is lighter and more compact. It also includes electronic ignition and a starter motor as standard. 

Lead times for a 1/2 VW are now in excess of 9 months so having this new V Twin option is fantastic.

2023 Price Changes

Regarding our other products, due to the current global financial situation, issues sourcing parts or simple company streamlining process at all our product producers, from 1st February 2023, all our prices will be changing. 

Here at Albion Aero Services, our goal is to be able to provide you with the best parts and equipment but without the big price tags so increasing our prices is not something thats easy for us. Our price changes are all in line with the price changes of our brilliant product companies.

All Flying Eyes sunglasses frames will be changing to £264 inc. VAT. So some frames will increase, and some will reduce. Polarized lenses will be an additional £20. Bifocal lenses will also be £264 inc. VAT.

Ophthalmic frames will also be increasing.

If you are interested in buying some glasses, go and check them out and order NOW before our prices change. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic year and I look forward to potentially seeing people at the shows we plan to attend.